Isotopes without borders & Isoscapes


  • Rainfall


  • Groundwater


  • Surface water


In the past 6 years, our group has been involved in different sampling campaigns across Latin America to improve the understanding of spatial-temporal isotopic patterns in rainfall (including tropical cyclones), shallow and deep groundwater, surface water, volcanic and hydrothermal systems. The main goal is to conduct rapid and robust stable isotope assessments to shed light on rainfall dynamics and groundwater recharge processes to enhance water resources management plans under a changing climate.

Bajo Lempa, El Salvador (CATIE project) in collaboration with Dr. Laura Benegas and M.Sc. Yaneth Alvarado-Callejas. 

Pacific slope of Nicaragua, (CIRA project) in collaboration with M.Sc. Valeria Delgado and Dr. Katia Montenegro.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, (IHCIT-UNAH project) in collaboration with Ing. Tania Peña, Ing. Saúl García, and Ing. Pedro Ortiz (SANAA).

Hurricane Otto (November, 2016, Costa Rica)

Brazil, Guaraní aquifer recharge area, (CEA-Rio Claro, UNESP, Sao Paulo) in collaboration with Dr. Didier Gastmans.

Sampling in the Dry Corridor, Lempira, Honduras (in collaboration with SAG) and sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (February, 2019).

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